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USP comprises a team of expert consultants offering proven skills in:

  • the origination, management and exploitation of venue, sports, educational, charitable and arts sponsorship
  • securing sponsorship
  • blue-chip brand management
  • press and media communications
  • event management, hospitality & sponsorship leverage
  • marketing and sales promotion
  • providing creative solutions to solve brand problems
  • links with international TV, radio, press, celebrities and politicians

USP provides expertise based on real experience from all sides of the marketing industry. Blue-chip brand management, event marketing, sponsorship and publicity campaigns are only part of the sum of talents we provide.

The market is changing.

There are forces that want to change the common business models used by property owners and representing agencies:

    Many sponsors are shifting the responsibility for sponsorship from communication to strategic marketing
  • Sponsors are demanding a share of the equity in the property to ensure payback on their investment
  • Sponsors are using the property as core pillars for building the brand, which forces the property to define its brand
  • The different media, TV, Internet, mobile Internet, etc need events well adapted to their specific channel
  • The convergence with telecom, IT and the content industry will result in new players with different needs of content

The property owners and representing agencies consequently cannot optimize one part of the value chain and create a property that long-term will add value to each part of the chain. Each party/partner of the property has a set of objectives that must be able to be fulfilled in order to build a long-term equity in the property.

USP’s prime role is in the management of the value chain for the benefit of all in the chain.

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