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Education Extra the charity, conceived in the early nineties by Michael Young, Lord Young of Dartington, to address the falling quality and standard of education in schools, in particular focusing on the areas of literacy and numeracy.

Education Extra is uniquely placed to communicate all elements of the educational service, as well as understanding the needs of teachers and children at ground level.

It has excellent relations with all Local Education Authorities and has now moved into the curricular dimension, being already totally involved with the implementation of the Government's Summer Literacy and Numeracy schools.

USP was retained for two years by Extra Initiatives Limited, the trading subsidiary of the charity, to advise in the areas of marketing, PR and sponsorship.

By 2002 it is anticipated that Education Extra will be providing 12 million children, aged 7-18 years, with sport, music, fashion and other lifestyle interactive information on a daily basis as part of the national curriculum to improve literacy and numeracy skills.

This revolutionary and now proven, highly motivating format of teaching children by using the subjects that they are most interested in, offers potential sponsors a socially responsible and acceptable route to reach their target market, whilst investing in the education of future generations.

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